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Restoran Stari Šaran

Apatin | Vojvodina

Restoran Saran ApatinA myth about a famous Apatin’s fish stew has being created here for more that hundred years. "Saran" (Carp) is 110 years old and it has become a cult place; this place has been visited by the gourmets from our country and abroad for its stew and fried fish. It was named after Carp, a dominant fish in this region, but the most important place in its interior is reserved for stuffed head of the enormous 83 kg catfish caught in 1971. The restaurant is situated on the outskirts of Apatin, only 100 meters from the Danube and it can be characterized as Carda, although that name has never been used. The expression ''restaurant'' indicates that the civil spirit of a good meal has always prevailed here. Accompanied by such a feeling, the guests have entered this temple of stew and, after delicious meals and tamburitza music, left it with great pride and even greater satisfaction. Among various celebrations, numerous oaths of allegiance to the country of the young soldiers, serving in a nearby military airport, have been celebrated here for decades. Today, there is a ''inn parliament'' in the restaurant consisted of musicians, doctors, managers and numerous guests who gather occasionally and discuss about drink, music and unforgettable events seating around the fish kettles. ''Saran'' has survived all maelstroms of wars and other calamities in this region; it has survived both World Wars. For a long time, it had been owned by the German Family Fuderer, but after 1945 it was nationalized by the socialist government. It was privatized again in 1993. Despite many changes, the tamburitza band, consisted of the members of Petrovic Family, has been playing here for four decades, with the inevitable shifts of generations, of course. The restaurant has three halls that hold 170 people altogether and there are another 50 seats on a terrace. The tamburitza band plays every day except Monday. There is also a car park for 30 vehicles.


Kruzni nasip 31, Apatin
381 25 774 113


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